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  • "....Sometimes I can’t express exactly how I feel, but you can be sure that I am really grateful..." 03/08/18

    Rating: Eva Palatinsky, Company Combo

  • "Brandy Ortiz and her husband are the best!!! You guys have been amazing to work with." 03/08/18

    Rating: Debbie Kingsbury, Kings Investment Group

  • "The information is very organized. I do not have any questions except why did it take so long for me to find you guys?.. Anyways, well worth the wait. Thank you again." 02/27/18

    Rating: Dr. Terel Newton, Total Pain Relief

  • "I'm truly grateful to know you, Brandy. You're such a mother figure to the community and your life gives life to others." 02/10/18

    Rating: Johnny Watford, University of Central Florida Student

  • "Great Company, I can testify to that!!!!" 07/21/17

    Rating: Dr. Jo Anne Craig, Ed.D, Morningside STEM Academy

  • "Thank you Brandy Ortiz for taking the time out of your busy day today to teach me the basics of Quickbooks and its use in the Nonprofit sector! Your expertise and explanations helped me grasp a much better understanding of the software!" 07/21/17

    Rating: Payton Williams, University of Central Florida Student

  • "A great company with honest owners who not only care about their business partners but also the community." 07/26/17

    Rating: Denise McFadden, University of Central Florida Career Coach-Accounting

  • "I am very proud and excited to announce I have been offered and accepted a Finance Intern position....Thank you so much Alexander Groenendyk, Brandy Ortiz, Denise McFadden, Lonny Butcher, Patty Farris, Doris Alcivar ...... along my journey as a UCF Accounting student each of you has offered advice, encouragement, and guidance directly and indirectly and it is so greatly appreciated. You all touch so many peoples' lives and make such a difference at UCF, thank you and keep up the great work! I still have over a year left at UCF and I look forward to seeing what else I can learn from each of you." 07/02/17

    Rating: Deana Warren-Cook, University of Central Florida Student

  • "You guys inspire me!!" 07/11/17

    Rating: Eddie Martinez, New York Life

  • "Brandy, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me and allowing me to interview you. Hearing your presentation at The Exchange last week was a life changing event for me. You've given me valuable insight on my biggest fear (failure) and given me hope for the future. You are truly an inspiring person that made a difference in my life." 07/05/17

    Rating: Lisa Alexandre, University of Central Florida Student

  • "I helped coach Brandy Ortiz - a student at the University of Central Florida, who went on to start up Ortiz CPA & Company Complete Business Solutions, with her husband Robert....One of their very first clients was Tony Starita, owner of Big Tony’s Chopp Shop who builds top of the line custom motorcycles....who needed some funding to get three bikes built. Knowing my love of motor cycles, Brandy asked if I might be interested in investing and connected us. Four months later – “Pay Back, Enforcer and HellRaiser” were born. I would like to give a big thank you to Lonny Butcher Director of Professional Development and Placement at the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida… and a fellow bike enthusiast! If he had not invited me to present to and coach his students I would not have met Brandy. Without Brandy, I would not have met Tony. The power of networking at its finest! This is exactly what Lonny’s classes are about. Companies were started, jobs and internships were created, some great motorcycles were produced and more are on the way. Congratulations to you all!" 06/27/17

    Rating: Alex Groenendyk, Author-Speaker-Mentor-Investor

  • "Thanks to Brandy and Robert for their help last semester (and the food)! I hope your business prospers which should not be hard for you guys considering your great amount of experience." 05/22/17

    Rating: Andrew Taylor, University of Central Florida Student

  • "Brandy Ortiz and Robert Ortiz are the best!!! Highly recommend them!" 05/11/17

    Rating: Eddie Martinez, New York Life

  • "Brandy Ortiz & Robert Ortiz, CPA I want to thank you for your time, knowledge, and support! It was a great experience." 06/08/17

    Rating: Brenda Rodriguez, University of Central Florida Student

  • "First, let me commend you on a job that is very well executed, and the financials are clear and easy for me to understand or anyone looking at them.....excellent job.....Just to add, I knew that I had chosen the right company to represent me, because I kept coming back to your name. I could not have done a better job of selling myself than you have on this business plan." 04/25/17

    Rating: Dr. Jo Anne Craig, Ed.D, Morningside STEM Academy

  • "...these are awesome people. Brandy and Robert Ortiz have been helping me tremendously with my accounting and taxes." 05/11/17

    Rating: Diane Guercio, Holistic Beauty Center

  • "Robert and Brandy: Personable, well-spoken and dedicated to serving you and your business’ success. I will be referring to them, they can be your company's CFO if you don’t have the time or expertise." 03/08/17

    Rating: Adolfo Pereira, Dover International Company, Inc.

  • "Brandy...I attended your Ways to Fail presentation given at UCF's Center for Entrepreneurial Learning...thank you for sharing all of your life experiences and I appreciated how honest and upfront you were about the difficulties you have faced in your life. Your presentation was truly inspirational for me...It's awesome to know that there are people who care so much about helping others, especially with having the confidence to take on challenges." 04/13/17

    Rating: Daniel Lopez, University of Central Florida Student

  • "Thank you Brandy and Robert for walking me through the trudges of accounting, QuickBooks and taxes. I feel a weight being lifted. Many thanks!!" 02/13/17

    Rating: Diane Guercio, Holistic Beauty Center-Visage

  • "I'd love to extend a gigantic thank you to Robert Ortiz, CPA and Brandy Ortiz for speaking with me today. The information and mentoring you gave me is priceless and I'm sure it will benefit me for years to come as I continue in my college career and professional career! People like you help college students like myself develop themselves into business professionals and you are invaluable to us!" 02/22/17

    Rating: Payton Williams, University of Central Florida Student

  • "I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Robert and Brandy taking time out of their busy schedule to guide me in the right direction with my business and taxes. They genuinely care about their clients and I look forward to working with Ortiz CPA & Company for many years to come." 12/15/16

    Rating: Chad Siemer

  • "I think the both of you will not only help us and many others understand our business finances better, but rather let us build our business faster and more profitable. I look forward to a long fruitful partnership. Thank you both very much for taking a personal interest in us. It is very evident you guys care about every client you invest in." 01/18/17

    Rating: Tony Guarino, Escape Room Entertainment

  • "In the short time I’ve known Mrs. Ortiz, I was impressed by her attention to detail in the quality of her work, consistently meeting all deadlines. Brandy consistently demonstrated both leadership and a desire to serve others. Therefore, I fully and confidently recommend Mrs. Brandy Ortiz as the best possible investment of your resources." 05/09/16

    Rating: Steven M. Zimmerman, Seminole State College

  • "Brandy is an upbeat and positive individual. As a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certified professional with over 15 years of HR and recruiting experience I can say without reservation that she will be an asset to any organization that hires her. I would be proud to have her on my team!" 11/21/16

    Rating: Lonny Butcher, University of Central Florida

  • "Brandy is a hard worker and a creative thinker with an eye for details and a devotion to logic. She has the terrific ability to draw on her own observations and envision helpful methods in problem solving. Brandy possesses wonderful teaching skills and ability to relay the message in a comprehensive way. She is also personally delightful. She is as comfortable with herself as she is engaging, pleasant, friendly, and humorous." 05/04/16

    Rating: Grace Nasnas, Seminole State College

  • "I highly recommend Brandy Ortiz. She is very diligent, attentive and focused to achieve objectives demonstrating distinct leadership skills. She will continue to be a valued team member or individual performer in the business world." 05/04/16

    Rating: Richard Ware, Seminole State College

  • "I wish to vouch for the professionalism and work ethic for Brandy Ortiz. Brandy trained and mentored me over at the beginning stages of my real estate career. Her attention to detail, attitude and her profoundly fresh teaching method has made my real estate career very successful."

    Rating: James Darling, Retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer

  • "Brandy has a great personality, and a committed sense of community responsibility. She worked very hard on any assignment that was given to her, no matter how long it took, or how dirty she would get while completing it. This was not only for the Chamber, but wherever she was needed in the community."

    Rating: Wanda Harrison, Clay County Chamber of Commerce